Pro-ease Go Ultra XL+

  • Do you constantly go through the fear of leakage?
  • Are you always worried about frequent pad change?
  • Do you want to feel dry and comfortable all day long?

No more compromise ...Introducing Pro-ease Go Ultra XL+

  • 3x Absorbency And Retention*

    It absorbs and retains 3 times more fluid than regular pad** 

  • Dry & Comfortable Design

    Has double dry top sheet that absorbs fluid faster while inner layers lock the fluid into gel.

  • 315 mm long pads (85 mm longer)

    Its 85mm longer pads vs Regular pads give you all-round protection

  • Odour Control

    It prevents and neutralizes the smell to provide you all-day freshness.

*As per technical data generated in 2019 by RSPL Ltd, **Vs Regular pad of 230mm with 5g core.

Currently Pro-ease Go Ultra XL+ is available in two packs: