About Pro-ease

For the ‘Unstoppable’ you.

You are strong, assertive and motivated. You know exactly what you want and will not take no for an answer. You know what it takes to live life on your own terms. Your indelible spirit has helped you challenge conventions, break stereotypes and defy perceptions. At Pro-ease, we salute your resilience and fortitude. No matter where you are, you’ll always find us by your side. With greater freedom and comfort on the move, you can now live the life you want. Without any condition!

Our aim is to help women break deep-rooted gender and cultural barriers and live a happier, healthier life. Through thoughtfully designed sanitary products, we intend to help women embrace womanhood with a smile. Our objective is to help them step out into the world with confidence and ensure that nothing stands in the way of their success. Not even their Period!

Proesae Swachh

Pro-ease Go XL

Have you ever thought about how many times you have to go and change your pad? These frequent breaks that you take make you miss out on many important things! Don't change your pad regularly. Just change your regular pad by switching to Pro Ease Go XL. It is 50mm longer than your regular pad and absorbs up to 2x more.

Time to take a break from your regular pad and go for Pro Ease #GoXL.