Take rest to be at your best

Your female hormones dip during menstruation. Your defense system is weak and your energy levels are low in those 5 days. Take as much rest as you can to feel fresh and energetic.


Keep anemia at bay with an iron and protein rich diet

Your body craves for iron and protein rich food during those days. After all, you are losing unwanted blood and your body needs to replace it with fresh blood. Eat fresh and nutritious food to keep your energy levels high.


Stay warm to avoid cramps

Poor blood circulation causes pelvic congestion during menstruation. Keeping your body warm, especially your lower abdomen and back helps improve blood circulation, thus alleviating menstrual pain.



Avoid junk food and chips

Processed and packaged food is high in sodium content that can lead to water retention and bloating.


Avoid a heavy workout

A light exercise or Yoga can stimulate blood circulation and alleviate menstrual symptoms. Although exercising is good, avoid it completely if suffering from anemia or stomach ache.


Avoid caffeine and sugar

Both caffeine and sugar can cause rapid mood swings. It's best to keep them at bay to feel active and be happy.